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The Ineffable - Wool Blend Bouclé Coat in Black with Leather Trims


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Based on an everyday urban wear style, this coat was designed with a foldable hooded scarf to allow you stay warm on windy and rainy days. Lightweight and cosy, perfect paired it with light colour jeans and over-the-knee boots. Made from textured fine wool blend fabric. Lined with fine 100% Italian silk lining. Zipper closure at front, loosely-designed soft leather trimmed hood continues into a scarf at front. Leave the scarf down for a casual feel or wrap it around your neck for warmth. This coat has two soft leather welt pockets at front. The coat is made to order with Pinocchio Silk Gold Key lining (as pictured) and Plain Silk Black lining. The coat is also available made to measure on request. 

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